Connecting Consumers w/ Producers Committee

Helping the farm find the table

Group’s goal

Grocery shoppers and restaurant patrons are increasingly demanding local foods for economic, environmental, and health reasons1,2. More efficient and faster logistics have made fresh seafood more widely available across North Carolina3. The demand for fresh food is there, but they consumers need help connecting with these farmers and fisheries. This committee will provide resources and promising tools for local food marketing and commerce and inform farmers with new marketing opportunities.

1 – A.T. Kearney, “Buying Into the Local Food Movement”, February 2013, National RestaurantAssociation’s 2014 Restaurant Industry Forecast
2 – Katie Mosher, “Local Catch: and the Survey Says: Local Seafood Reigns”, January 2011, NC Sea Grant Coastwatch Winter 2011 issue
3 – Shaw, Dave “A Fish for All Occasions A Quest for the Heart of the Local Seafood Lover, September 2018, Coastwatch

Resources from this group

Assisting Expansion of NCDA’s Visit NC Farms App

Where Do Americans’ Food Dollars Go?

  • How much goes to the farm vs. everything else
  • Article form  by Patrick Canning
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