Increase Cold Storage in the Food System

From the Warehouse to the Kitchen

Groups Goal

This committee will assess the needs for cold storage capacity throughout the state’s counties and identify where to build the network and resources. This goal is not just for COVID-19 crisis, but also for community sustainability.

Groups action items/priorities

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged our food supply chain in new and unexpected ways, shedding
    light on weaknesses and strengths in the system. One of these unforeseen challenges has been access to
    cold storage, both refrigerated space and freezer capacity.


Committee Members

  • Angel Cruz,
  • Amanda Hege,
  • Alice Ammerman,
  • Chef Caroline,
  • Martha Przysucha,
  • Gideon Adams,
  • John Morck,
  • Laura Lauffer,
  • Margaret Conrad,
  • Nancy Creamer,
  • Sarah Blacklin,
  • Tamara Jones,
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