The North Carolina Local Foods Council (NCLFC) Policy Committee researches policy issues that impact the local food system and provides input to local food councils on policy proposals to advance the local food economy.

Policy Committee serves as a resource for local food councils seeking input on local policy action plans and issues that impact the development of local food systems in their communities. To learn more about the Committee’s process for reviewing those plans and issues please click on the link below. NCLFC Policy Feedback Process Based on the review of local food council action plans and policy issues, the Committee identifies barriers and challenges facing local food councils and addresses those barriers by conducting additional research and connecting local food councils with policy resources. The Policy Committee will summarize trends from the local food council policy plans and platforms and develop policy options for addressing high priority barriers and challenges statewide.

The Policy Committee has identified the following policy priorities to expand local food production and availability:

Buy Local Branding Campaigns

Food Access and Security

Institutional Procurement of Locally Produced Food – Farm to School Programs

Farmland and Waterfront Preservation and Access

Local Food Infrastructure Development

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