NCLFC Policy Feedback Process

The Purpose: The NC Local Food Council (NCLFC) would like to support your food council in engaging in food system policy. NCLFC’s Policy Committee is offering to review and provide feedback to local food councils on food-system related policy challenges and opportunities in your community. Policy Committee members have a wide variety of policy and food systems expertise and can tap others in NCLFC’s network who can provide additional input. The Policy Committee will in turn work on policy research and development focused on the opportunities and barriers that have been identified by the local councils across the state.

NC Local Food Council Policy Committee

  • Dr. Alice Ammerman – Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, UNC
  • Doris Connell – Pitt County Farm and Food Council
  • Edgar Miller – The Conservation Trust for NC
  • Karen Stanley – N.C. Division of Public Health, Chronic Disease and Injury Section
  • Laurie Barnhart – NC Grange
  • Maria Julian – Watauga County Food Council
  • Rochelle Sparko – Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

Submission Process: To submit any local, state or federal level food system policy issue or policy platform for feedback, your council should:

  1. Depending on your food council’s capacity, please visit the Community Food Strategies Strategic Advocacy Toolkit. Look around the website to familiarize yourself with its framing of policy advocacy and its resources.
  2. Depending on your food council’s capacity, please visit the “Create Your Own Advocacy Plan” page in the toolkit and download the worksheet and read through with your food council to learn about planning for strategic advocacy.
  3. Please answer these questions about your policy issue or policy platform.
  4. Policy issues and platforms will be accepted for review on a rolling basis from June through September.
  5. Feedback will take four to six weeks; issues and platforms submitted in June will be returned to food councils starting in August.

Feedback Process: NCLFC Policy Committee members will individually review policy issues and platforms. A summary of comments will be shared with NCLFC council members. This will provide an opportunity for the full statewide food council to share information and expertise. A summary of comments and relevant policy resources will be given to the local food council within 4-6 weeks of submission. The comments and policy resources will focus on local policy priorities, state-level policies and resources available to meet local food councils’ needs.

Phone Consultation: NCLFC Policy Committee will also be available for conference calls with members of local food councils to provide further explanation of their comments and provided resources.

What Happens After: Throughout this process, the Committee will track barriers, challenges, and opportunities identified by local food councils. At the end of the calendar year, the Committee will review and identify local food councils’ policy priorities, research these policy areas and develop resources that to support local food councils in addressing those barriers and acting on available opportunities. Resources will be shared widely through the NCFLC website, the Food Policy Council listserv, and with our partners at Community Food Strategies.

Please send any questions to: Jared Cates, Community Food Strategies, and Llogan Walters, Community Food Strategies,

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