Mission, Vision & Relationships

Collaboratively Working Together to Support North Carolina’s Local Food Systems

The North Carolina Local Food Council serves as a collaborative network to foster successful farms, fisheries and markets, greater availability of wholesome food, and resilient ecosystems.

Guiding Principles:

As the statewide food council, the North Carolina Local Food Council (NCLFC) works to foster vibrant farms and fisheries, healthy people, strong communities, thriving local economies, and resilient ecosystems.

Specifically, this council will facilitate:

  • Interaction between members to coordinate programs, guidance, and support for building N.C. local food economies
  • Communication, resources, guidance, and collaboration among local councils and between local councils and the statewide council
  • Education and research about best practices related to statewide food, agriculture, and fisheries issues

The NCLFC collaborates with Community Food Strategies to mutually support local food  councils across N.C.  In their shared mission to support  food councils, the NCLFC and Community Food Strategies have distinct roles:

The NCLFC creates and shares research-based resources that facilitate local food systems development at the community level – in local food councils – and at the state and regional level – within agencies and institutions. 

Community Food Strategies works specifically to provide on-the-ground resources, communications, network facilitation and general support for the network of local food councils across North Carolina.


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