Meet Our Food Champions

Enjoying the Sweet Taste of Success with Stories of How and Why Local Foods Work

Ricky Moore

“North Carolina has a culinary history that needs to be brought forward,” Moore says.

Jason Kampwerth

Jason Kampwerth interacts with the food system on a local, regional, and national scale in his role at Foster-Caviness, a food distribution company based in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Michael Banner

Banner is the chairperson of Winston-Salem’s Urban Food Policy Council and has become the representative for his community in the city and beyond.

Richard Joyner

In a grassroots response, Joyner helped to established the Conetoe Family Life Center in 2007.

David Allen

Tranquility Farm sells products year-round at the China Grove Farmers’ Market and the Winecoff School Road Farmers’ Market in Concord, North Carolina. Allen values farmers’ markets because they provide connection to the community.

Jared Cates

Through many years of community organizing, Cates gained a piece of wisdom that he shares with local food councils. “Don’t be afraid to try,” he says, “even if you don’t see a clear path to winning.”

Leigh Guth

“One of the things that excited me early on in this work was that you can talk to almost anybody and connect local food systems to almost any issue,” Guth says.

Brendon Greene

“Just like you might use a local farm, people come to us for their seafood. We have relationships down at the coast and are almost like a bridge.”

V. Mac Baldwin

Baldwin Family Farms contributes to the local food economy by providing jobs, managing natural resources and stewarding farmland.

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