Connect With Other Food Councils

Learning From Others Across North Carolina and the United States

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Food council members across North Carolina and the United States are interested in learning from others and sharing their experiences. Connect with others through a variety of ways shown below.

Community Food Strategies convenes food councils statewide and by region through quarterly calls and gatherings. We encourage you to reach out to your fellow food council leaders and members to share ideas, learn and collaborate when possible.

Contact a Food Council Directly

Review this map and list of food councils across North Carolina to find out more about existing food councils. If the food council contact information isn’t available publicly, contact for available food council contact information.

Connect Through Social Media

Join the conversation on the Facebook group North Carolina Food Councils & Networks.

Follow Community Food Strategies facebook page to stay up to date with food council events, news, stories, and funding opportunities.

Find and follow your other fellow food councils on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Join a Listserv

North Carolina Food Policy Council listserv – This listserv, maintained by Community Food Strategies, connects food councils and other partners interested in farm and food policy and food council work in and around North Carolina. Anyone can post and respond on this listserv ( which serves as a forum for educational, funding, advocacy and networking opportunities related to food councils. Sign up to subscribe here.

National Food Policy Network listserv – The Food Policy Network listserv, originally managed by the Community Food Security Coalition, promotes more sustainable, healthy and equitable food systems through local, state, tribal and provincial public policy mechanisms. This national listserv, now maintained by the John Hopkins Center for Livable Future Food Policy Network, connects hundreds of people nationwide who are interested in food policy. Subscribe here.

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