Food Council Tools

Resources, Tools, and Partners to Support the Work of Local Food Councils

The North Carolina Local Food Council (NCLFC) is proud to be a part of a growing network of food councils across North Carolina. The NCLFC is one of more than 35 food councils across the state and one of nearly 300 local food councils across the country.

As a state-level food council consisting of many key actors in the local food movement, we want to share resources, tools and potential partners to support the work of local food councils.

Find tools and resources for food councils at each of the links below:

Find a Food Council

Get a map of food councils in North Carolina with their contact information

Partners & Funding for Local Food

Includes a list of potential partners with associated resources, programs and funding opportunities for food councils

Local Foods Portal

An online hub for information, events and resources from Cooperative Extension, other N.C. organizations and partners working on local food programming

Community Food Strategies

A multi-organizational project team that provides coaching, consultation, resources and networking opportunities for local food councils

Resource List

Includes information about statewide agencies and organizations, businesses, funders, and other entities that have either informational resources or relevant programs, or financial resources available to help local councils in their work.

Join the Conversation

Several peer-to-peer options for connecting with individual councils and/or the broader network

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