Get Involved

Champion local foods with us by following the tips below

Get more local food on people’s minds – and on their tables – by joining us today. You can help us by being a champion for local food.

Picture of African American man at podium giving presentation about Effective Community Work

Here’s How:

Get your shopping bags ready: The easiest way to get involved with a Local Food System is to buy and eat local food. Here are 10 ways to support local food right now. If you’re ready to shop, find local food in your area.

Start a Food Council: Ready to address food and farm challenges in your community head-on? Find the support and resources to help you determine if a Food Council is right for your area, and what you need to make it successful.

Build relationships with elected officials: Building relationships with policy makers is important to creating the policy change you want to see. We provide guidance and technical and informational resources to local food councils and the public, so they can make well-informed decisions about their communities.

Attend an event: Meetings and workshops geared towards local food councils and their partners are held throughout the year and across the state. These events can help you deepen your commitment to local food and meet other like-minded people in your community. Our partners host workshops on a range of topics, from influencing policymakers to improving racial equity

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